You can also organize a group sitodono locally at your place with other people. This should be free of charge, at everybody’s own risk, no food, or drinks, talking, activities are allowed. People will be sitting on their own pillow (or jacket) with a minimum of 1.5-meter distance from each other. This implies that the group of people joining needs to be limited. Please also refer to your local policy for group events and safety measures.

In principle there is no interaction by voice, body, eyes, sound, food, or drinks sharing. Sitodono is commercial free, so there are no companies associated with sitodono for selling products or services. Doing sitodono together locally with other people, no commercial activities are allowed.

Sitodono with a virtual group is in principle not possible, as no digital devices are allowed during your own sitodono session. During Covid there is only the exception and that is only when the group is prepared and setup online upfront before starting sitodono, as you would be in a physical local place. So once started with sitodono, you do not bother about the virtual group anymore as you need to put it also in a place in your mind to close it for a moment.