The power of doing nothing

We believe that nothing comes and goes without a reason and a cause.

We believe that our life’s can be improved by having a strong, clear, and pure mindset. A mindset with the right influences, will result in the well-balanced decisions. Seeding by inspiration will grow strongest into the best results.

Nothing in the life is right. Nothing in life is wrong. Balancing on right and wrong is required as both are to be faced in life.

‘Sitting together doing nothing’ requires your focus to rest your body and mind to the fullest. Before you start, do not use any digital devices for about 10 minutes before and after your sitodono session. Then start relaxing your muscles, focus on your breathing, and make sure it slows down to a comfortable cadence. Cycle through your mind and start by observing your current environment, the people nearby you, your personal life, fresh events, stress, troubles, good things, food, work, family, and everything else you can think of. Then start putting them in a place in your mind and close it as putting it in a box for the moment during your sitodono. You enter a state of mind as just before falling asleep, where you do nothing, you think of nothing.

Every whole hour, no matter your time zone, you are invited to sitodono with other sitodono joiners throughout the world. As the earth is moving, your sitodono mindset will be passed through in the world while moving through the cosmos. A sitodono a day, week, month or even lifetime, it’s up to you. No digital devices, podcast, video streaming, virtual worlds, space trips, driving, shopping, sports, work etc., just do nothing for a couple of moments to help to clear the noise in your mind and in the world.

We believe that by ‘sitting together doing nothing’, we are seeding greatness in people their minds and when done collectively it will purify and strengthen our mindset as doing this together will potentially increase the impact. The more who will join, the bigger the impact. We collectively use the power of influencing others by creating sitodono throughout.

No matter your background, culture, country, age, or mindset you have, everybody can join. Join purely from yourself within. There is no pressure from someone or something. You are free to join, and it is safe to join.

Everybody can do this.

Everybody can join.

Choose for a life with a clear mind, for yourself, your family, friends, and your children.


The power of doing nothing.